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    A new level of quality based on the experience of professional exercises.

    We use only modern European equipment that is very famous all over the world.

    Responsible approach and use of natural components only.

Purchase only high quality drinks

Our alcoholic drinks reflect the taste and aroma of natural properties. Quality is created in all product segments, at all stages of production process and service provision.

We discover the flavor and aroma of natural foods only. Our highly qualified team of distillers creates masterpieces of alcoholic products on the basis of which it is possible to prepare explosive and bright cocktails which will be remembered for a long time.

In creating our products we are proud to invest all efforts to create a world brand.

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When choosing our vodka, you can always be sure that quality is our first priority, since we are aimed to achieve purification of alcohol that cannot be done in the usual way.


“I recently visited your factory. Thanks to the employees for the tour of the factory. Very polite and friendly staff. Everything was done at the factory with the highest quality and thought.”

Aziz Hamdanov

“I am a client of Davr Sharob. I have been buying an alcoholic product from them for my store for the second year. The conditions for cooperation are very comfortable, people use their product and I am satisfied”

Javohir Izatullaev

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What we do, how we do and why we care so much about our process.

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1 December 2016


The region of Kashkadarya. Start of construction of the first high-tech distillery in this region. The process is managed by the best designers. Experts and technologists of the Moscow ‘’Crystal’’ Factory and the famous Ukrainian brand ‘’Nemiroff’’ were involved.
1 may 2017


Signed a contract with Italian suppliers for the importation of machines and permanent maintenance.
1 September 2017


Italian technicians established line of pouring ‘’FERRERO’’ in a factory of ‘’DAVR SHAROB’’
10 December 2017


The governance of the factory plans to launch production and expand the selection of products. Important tasks for the current period is - the increase of production quantity, high quality and constant consumer demand (opening of retail chain of alcoshops)
1 November 2018


The distillery ‘’DAVR SHAROB'' became part of the holding FSB Union.
1 September 2019


In accordance with the decree of ‘’the Inspectorate for the Regulation of the Alcohol and Tobacco Market’’ of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 31 of September 9, 2019, our company received the license № AA № 001 for the production of vodka and liquor vodka products.
2 September 2019


New brand - vodka ‘’Davr’’ - the main business card of our company ‘’DAVR SHAROB’’.
1 February 2020


The distribution market of liquor and vodka products was launched under the common name of ‘’Davr Alkomir’'. The first five markets was opened in Tashkent, Samarkand and Kashkadarya
1 December 2021


The governance of the company plans to expand production in the new year and to enter the markets of near abroad: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, China, Mongolia.


The activity of the company is - winemaking. It has its vineyard and produces high quality wines based on Italian technologies.
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Beauty Glass Exclusive

Glass producing factory. On the step of construction.
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Davr Eco Bottlers

The first drinking water producing company in a Yakkabag’ village.
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Beauty Glass Cover

Factory for the manufacture of guala, caps and shrink caps. Only Italian technologies are used in the production.
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Beauty Glass Decor

The first factory in Uzbekistan for decorating glass bottles.
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